Levonorgestrel tablets, 0.75mg are designed for use as a form of emergency contraception (EC). Emergency contraception functions in the same manner – and has the same active ingredients – as most daily-use oral contraceptives. The only difference is that EC can be effective when taken after unprotected intercourse.

Levonorgestrel tablets, 0.75mg should not be used as a regular form of contraception. EC use should be limited to rare cases where normal birth control fails, such as when a woman forgets her normal oral contraceptive dosage, a condom slips or breaks, normal methods of birth control are not available, or in the event of sexual assault. EC may also be used as a supplemental method of birth control if you are concerned that your normal methods may not have been effective. Keep in mind that it is only designed for emergency use, and should not be used in place of normal birth control and contraceptive practices, which when applied properly have a significantly higher success rate.

Levonorgestrel tablets, 0.75mg should be used as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse. They can be effective up to 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected intercourse, but are most effective if taken within 24 hours. In some cases, emergency contraception can be effective for up to 120 hours, but you should consult your doctor or pharmacist to discuss all of your options if it has been more than 72 hours since intercourse occurred.

Levonorgestrel tablets, 0.75mg are not effective if you are already pregnant, as it cannot terminate an existing pregnancy.

It is also important to note that emergency contraceptives may prevent pregnancy but do NOT protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.